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Accelerating strategy and business model innovation since 1996.




Every business leader face challenges unique to their situation. Through our one-to-one service, we offer individualised mentoring for CEOs. By fusing strategic and operational perspectives, our mentorship accelerates leaders’ abilities to develop their business.

Cecia Consulting is a business-oriented strategic agency based in central Stockholm, Sweden. As external consultants, we support owners, boards and executive management in areas of mentoring, analysis and restructuring.

Our focus is global and we offer strategic advice to help national and international organisations evolve, transform and adapt to achieve sustainable advantage in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment.


From a solid foundation in qualitative and quantitative methodology and analysis, we create data-driven insights that develop the client’s business. All our work is anchored in the client’s organisation, making sure that knowledge and opportunities created stay, and are truly implementable.



With leading research methods and analytical capabilities, we offer deep analyses into a specific part of the business. By tackling questions related to the organisation, external environment or market, we help leaders make sense of complexity and insights that make their business grow.



We help firms innovate their organisation and accelerate strategic development. Our method combines extensive experience in strategy and business with leading research and analytical tools. By combining human and data-driven insights, we anchor real change in organisations.


Cecia Consulting AB


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