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Cecia Consulting is a business-oriented strategic agency focusing on business model innovation based in central Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded in 1996 (today the parent company) by Dr Staffan Hedén D.B.A. and after ten years of success, the name and business were moved to a new fully owned subsidiary in 2005.

Since its inception and for the past almost 30 years, the brand, Cecia Consulting, has continued to deepen knowledge of business models and how these are affected by internal factors and external changes in the world around us.


Our focus is global, and we offer strategic advice with action to help national and international companies evolve, transform and adapt to achieve sustainable advantage in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment by using the latest knowledge in business model innovation. From a solid foundation in qualitative and quantitative methodology and analysis, we create data-driven insights that develop the client’s business.

We are fully focused on developing companies by using business model innovation and through more knowledge develop better business design and safer processes in implementation. We do this with tools and models that have been developed and tested over time.


We have worked with global companies, international companies, entrepreneurial companies, family companies, listed companies, trade associations, municipal and state-owned companies in many different industries. More than one hundred and fifty customers have undergone a process in business model innovation, analyses and one-to-one assignments (this includes over thousand companies directly and indirectly). In total, we have conducted over three thousand qualitative interviews and many quantitative studies.

Our target clients are mid-size and large company groups with a minimum of fifty employees, about 300,000 out of 23 million companies in Europe (or one and a half percent of all companies across the globe which adds up to several million companies). These include manufacturing and industry, construction and real estate, transport, health and healthcare, data and telecommunications, business services and many others.



We actively contribute by offering in-depth knowledge of how companies can best use the Business Innovation Model. We offer advanced global Keynote Speaking Presentations in Business Innovation, extensive knowledge seminars developed from our themes and insights, in-depth knowledge through articles, talks in various media platforms and upcoming books.

Advanced Exclusive Training

We offer expert knowledge about business models and how these can change in connection with business model innovation. It can be about developing an understanding of different business models, what is included in a chain of business, how a project is best run in different phases, what skills are important to create a good offer. 

We can offer customized training in business models and/or business model innovation from half a day to four days. These trainings have a minimum of five participants as a requirement and are capped at fifty participants. In some cases, we are looking for a regional partner and then the training is offered there or after a review with them.

Books & Articles

Most of Cecias research has focused on finding which factors contribute to a successful and profitable business model innovation process (BMI). At the moment, the main focus of the work is to further deepen the companies’ different models used in implementation – this is done in a step-by-step process in FIVE steps – purpose, existing business model, research, finding the BMI and BMI change.

Dr Hedén’s new book ’Business Model Innovation: How it really works’ is an in-depth look at years of previous work carried out with coded interviews and many projects that resulted in concrete tools. The book focuses on how the companies themselves can use the analysis tool built around a guide with 6 central themes and a total of 30 success factors. This will also be followed by the introduction of 150 insights, five from each success factor, which will further enable a deepening of business model innovation.

The book simplifies the management of the view of a business model and assumes that this is an activity system regardless of what content it contains, how they are composed and who is included. It is an expert book that can be used and enable better and more profitable change processes in the transformation of companies.


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Changing a business model requires more of today´s leaders, whether it is due to internal forces or what is happening in the outside world. Every business leader faces challenges unique to their situation. We can offer initiating conversations, project support, fixed monthly talks or sketched according to longer needs.


We develop companies from an already existing situation in an entire framework with a five-step normative model. We do this by clarifying the purpose, going through the existing business model and thereafter using tools of analysis to discover new pathways and make a sustainable business innovation plan for the future.

Dr Staffan Hedén

Author, researcher and an expert consultant for many medium and large global companies based all over the world. Dr Staffan Hedén have been a management consultant to over 1,000 companies throughout the last 40 years.

Expertise in value creation, delivery and capturing through Business Model Innovation with a focus on globalization and achieving balance between profitable processes and long-term growth.

Author of the book ’Business Model Innovation: How it really works’. Published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group in 2024.

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Dr Staffan Hedén

Dr Staffan Hedén

CEO • D.B.A. from Warwick
Business School (WBS),
Warwick University.

Founder • Author • Keynote Speaker • Action Researcher • Mentor at Cecia Consulting.

Portrait Hanna Lindsäter Hedén

Hanna Lindsäter Hedén

Manager • M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University.

Advisor • Senior Researcher •
Manager at Cecia Consulting AB.

Portrait Dr Sikander Khan

Dr Sikander Khan

PhD in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) •
Project Management from Stockholm Business School,
Stockholm University (SBSSU).

Senior Advisor, MNCs, United Nations,
Government and top business schools.